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Magazine: Fine Cooking

March 11, 2009

Fine Cooking CoverI have a confession to make. Hi, my name is Theresa and I’m addicted to food magazines, cook books, and pictures of food in general. My one basic requirement for any cookbook or food magazine? Lots of photos. A lot of times I choose the recipes I’ll make just based on how appetizing the photo looks!

So you’ll understand why, when browsing the cookbook section at Borders a few weeks ago, Fine Cooking magazine practically lept off the shelf and into my hands. The more I paged through, the more I loved it. Fine Cooking has more photos in it than any food magazine I’ve ever read!

Of course, there’s more to love than just photos. Fine Cooking is full of accessible recipes that you’ll actually want to make. They also try to appeal to every level of home cook, with how-tos for those of us still getting our kitchen legs to creative suggestions with plenty of room for experimentation for the seasoned chefs. You will also find book recommendations, kitchenware reviews, and all sorts of other good food related tid bits. And did I mention that the Fine Cooking website is just as awesome as the magazine?

Wait, I have another confession to make.

Despite my constantly growing collection of food magazines, I rarely make any of the recipes in them. I know, it’s practically criminal! But I liked Fine Cooking so much that I’ve already made one of the recipes in their most recent issue: Fresh Pasta with Sausage and Mushrooms. It was delicious. Even my husband who refuses to eat mushrooms ate it, mushrooms and all, without a complaint!

So in short, if you like food photos and food magazines, I recommend checking out Fine Cooking. They didn’t even pay me to say that – I swear!

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